The Congress SOTA 2018 was accredited under number A-1-1801/18 by the Health Council with 15 points for lecturers, 13 points for oral presentations and 10 points for passive participation

Dear colleagues,
it is with great pleasure that I inform you that the 6th Congress of the Serbian Orthopedic -Traumatology Association (SOTA) will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia from September 20th to 22nd, 2018.
Two years aſter the previous Congress in Belgrade, this meeting of international experts will present an opportunity to exchange experiences again, to try to solve some of the dilemmas in our everyday work, and to become acquainted with new, modern trends in European and world orthopedic and trauma surgery. In this we will be assisted by renowned international lecturers who are the leading experts in orthopedic and trauma surgery.
The Congress in Novi Sad, Serbia will be a new opportunity to renew, consolidate and expand contacts with colleagues and regions, but also with guests from other parts of Europe and the world.
We believe that the meeting of colleagues from different countries of the region sharing different approaches and methods in surgical procedures will prove stimulating and that the exchange of ideas will result in personal and professional progress of all participants.
Novi Sad is a beautiful city, located on the leſt bank of the Danube, at the feet of the lush hills of Fruška Gora. We believe that this renowned university centre and multicultural city with a young population, known for its hospitality and rich cultural heritage, has much to offer to its visitors. The organizing team will be happy to provide all the Congress participants with the chance to get acquainted with the most important cultural and tourist attractions of Novi Sad, Serbia which is elected the European Capital of Youth for 2019 and the European Capital of Culture for 2021.
It is my great honor to invite you personally, as well as on behalf of the staff of the Clinic for Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology of the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia the organisers, to the Sixth SOTA Congress with best wishes for a successful work and a pleasant stay in Novi Sad.

Yours faithfully,
President of the Congress
Prof. dr Miroslav Milankov



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